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Ugandan who was arrested with fake currency denies being in Kenya illegally

A Ugandan national who was arrested with several Kenyan ID cards has been charged with being in the country illegally, unlawful possession of ID cards belonging to other persons and possession of counterfeit money.

Appearing before the Makadara Law Courts, Kiirie Nyakabinga was accused of being unlawfully in Kenya on May 26, 2020.

He was also charged with being in possession of papers intended to resemble money without lawful authority after he was allegedly found with fake 100 US Dollars in denominations of 100.

Nyakabinga is also facing charges of possession of papers intended to resemble and pass as special papers such as is provided and used in making currency.

Nyakabinga was arrested at a hotel in Ngara, Nairobi while on a drinking spree in company of five others. The rest were freed after producing their national ID cards.

The accused denied all the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate Steve Jalang’o, who released him on Sh a 200,000. Hearing of the case starts on August 6, 2020.