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Uhuru dab video was a big hit despite protest, State House

By AGEWA MAGUT February 14th, 2017 1 min read

Love it or hate it, the message behind the President’s dance video, which has garnered a lot of attention in the past week, has reached the intended audience, a statement from State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu has said.

The video of President Uhuru Kenyatta ‘dabbing’ with local dance crew FBI, that went viral last week, had 743,000 views five days ago on Facebook only behind the iconic video of him during the papal visit in 2015, which had 800,000 views, said Mr Esipisu.

The video was made in an attempt to promote voter registration among the youth, using the latest dance moves and the popular dance crew to get their attention.

However, the stunt was not taken too kindly with Kenyans criticising Mr Kenyatta, accusing him of only seeking to get more votes rather than solving the issues facing the country.

According to the statement, “That furious traffic helped pull other videos with youth-related messages up as well.”

According to Mr Esipisu, the negative sentiments stood at only 10 per cent.