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Uhuru urged to name and shame ‘corrupt’ friends

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to reveal the identities of the ‘friends’ who he says have been seeking his intervention in the ongoing demolition of illegally built properties in Nairobi.

Last weekend, while attending a church service in Nairobi, President Kenyatta said he had lost many friends in recent days following his sustained war on graft.

“Over the last few weeks I have lost so many friends. I have received many calls being asked ‘how can you sit and just watch all this destruction going on. You must stop it.’ But I said, ‘it is difficult to stop, not because we love to destroy but because we must fight impunity’”, said President Kenyatta.


The head of state went on to say he is hopeful of gaining other friends in the future.

Now Mr Musyoka is challenging the president to name and shame the said friends who have been calling him.

“Wakenya wanataka wajue hawa waliompigia simu, alisema amepigiwa simu nyingi sana. Kama angejaribu tu akatoa majina aweke kwa WhatsApp groups, aweke kwa internet ndio atajua vile atatetewa na Wananchi,” Musyoka said while addressing mourners during the burial of Christine Mwausi, an aunt to former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama.

Musyoka has further urged the president not to deviate from the course he has taken in the fight against corruption.