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Uhuru: Nyong’o’s sister delivered my first born son Jomo – VIDEO

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday revealed sensational details of how Kisumu County Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o sister helped First Lady Margaret Kenyatta to deliver their eldest son Jomo.

He made the remarks on Friday at the funeral of Governor’s Nyong’o mother Dorcas Owino.

President Kenyatta eulogized the deceased as a woman who wanted to be a nurse, but the chance fell on her eldest daughter.

“She would have been a good nurse, but first daughter instead became one; the one who spoke here is the one who delivered my first son Jomo,” said the president.

“My son is grown now and he is married and also has a baby of his own now.”

This is not the first time the president is revealing details about his son.

In January, during the burial of former chairman of Youth Enterprise Development Fund Bruce Odhiambo, the head of state disclosed that the former music producer helped him straighten up his son Jomo.

He said that the late music producer was a mentor to many young people including his own son Jomo.

“He was a mentor to many young people including my very own son Jomo whom he helped me straighten out and that is why I have come here today to celebrate a man who means a lot to my family,” said Kenyatta.

Mrs Owino died on May 28 in Nairobi.