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Uhuru no show, Raila alone at presidential debate

Nasa flag bearer Raila Odinga has arrived at Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) for Round Two of the [presidential debate.

He is expected to face off with President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has not yet arrived.


Corruption exists virtually in every country.

The difference is that action is taken against people involved (in some countries)


Mr Odinga says a Nasa government will implement the recommendations of the TJRC report.


I do not criticise institutions negatively. I do what we call constructive criticism. My criticism for institutions is not negative but rather constructive criticism.

I’ve not been crying wolf; Kenyans know the truth.

The National Intelligence Service must desist from interfering with the electoral process.

We have a tallying centre in Kenya.

8:45PM: Housing

The issue of housing hasn’t been sufficiently addressed. The Law Restriction Act is meant to protect the poor against landlords but it has not been enforced. We are going to enforce the Act

8:40PM: Cost of living:

Unemployment stands at 40 per cent. We believe we can turn things around by instilling fiscal discipline.

I am running because of my commitment to change this country. I represent change.

Having been on the campaign trail for the past one month, I can tell that Kenyans are hurting.

8pm: “I am happy to dialogue with Mr President over pertinent issues that affect the country,” Mr Odinga told journalists at the venue of the debate.

Mr Odinga had earlier in the daybeen quoted by KTN News as saying he will  only attend the debate if there is an opponent.”

President Kenyatta’s handlers had last week said he would give the debate a wide berth citing organisational issues.