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Uhuru’s BFF Arocho reveals what they were chatting about at Nyayo Stadium

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his long term buddy Bill Arocho have been pictured together on many occasions in the past, and last Sunday was no different.

Only that their last meet up was purely coincidental after they merely ‘bumped’ into each other. This is according to Arocho.

The two then proceeded to inspect the ongoing renovations at the Nyayo National Stadium, when the president made an impromptu visit to the facility.

“We did not plan to meet. I happened to be passing by and he spotted me. He asked me to join him,” Arocho exclusively told Nairobi News.

“He was keen to find out what the contractor has managed to achieve. He inspected the seats, VIP dias, dressing rooms and every other place that has been renovated,” he said, adding that the head of state expressed satisfaction with the progress of the renovations.

“He also told the government officials present that the stadium should not commercialise its naming rights. Instead, names and images of our sporting heroes including Joe Kadenge, Ezekiel Kemboi and Peter Dawo should be plastered all over.”

“I was also impressed to note that the President is very keen to adhere to the social distancing rules. He wore a mask all through,” Arocho said.

Arocho, whose brother Fred is a renowned football commentator, was part of Jubilee Party’s campaign team is 2013.