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Uhuru’s celebrity friend Miss Karun now heavily pregnant – VIDEO

Former Camp Mulla’s singer Miss Karun is nine months pregnant.

Karun, now a member of the music collective Cosmic Homies, recently returned from Boston under unclear circumstances where she had been studying.

Her preganacy was announced on Sunday on the Cosmic Homies Facebook page, accompanied by her photo.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had on August 13, 2013 attended Miss Karun’s listening party for her album. The event was held at Muthiaga Golf Club.

In a separate interview published on, Miss Karun narrated how she had had a difficult first trimester.

“My first trimester was difficult. For most people it is difficult, because you’re sick a lot, but I… went back to Boston and I was by myself, I had to take long train rides to my apartment, where I was living with people who weren’t very friendly, so that took a lot of strength… That? I don’t know where that strength came from. It’s like I have an extra reserve tank now, for when I feel depleted, it’s like Nope – you can keep going. I hope this is one of the things that stays into motherhood,” said Karun.

In the interview, she described her nine-month journey as having some “surges of creativity”.

The creativity was displayed in a behind-the-scenes video during her bump photoshoot where she did an acoustic with a colleague.

“This is definitely the most powerful thing that’s ever happened to me, in all directions – not just powerful positive or powerful negative, it’s just… powerful. That Mother Earth kind of energy… I can try explain it to you, but also every woman’s pregnancy is different,” she added.