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Uhuru’s daughter Ngina bashed for offering solutions to unemployment – VIDEO

Unemployed youth in the country should stop waiting to be hired and start finding solutions on how they can change their jobless status by going into new and innovative fields, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina Kenyatta has said.

Speaking on Friday during a forum in Nairobi Ngina said that the youth need to have a progressive mindset to fill the needs of the ever changing world.

African leaders, she said, should also start empowering the youth for a better tomorrow.

“There is a saying give a man a fish and feed him for one day, show him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime. I believe this embodies what we at the Trust are trying to achieve, by creating a new generation of young individuals with a progressive mind-set to fill the needs of this ever changing world,” Ngina said in her speech.

“We come from a continent of immense greatness and it is now our time as the youth to address and find solutions to the issue of unemployment. By going into new and innovative fields. I believe with the spirit of Pan-Africanism that exists in this room here today and through partnerships we have an opportunity to make real progress in realising these gains,” she went on.

Her sentiments were however not taken kindly by a cross section of the online community.

“Look who is advising the youth on unemployment….. Does she know how it feel to look for work to survive,” said Ogola Michael.

“Tell your father to stop employing our grandfathers,” commented Blasto Bla.

“The poor have become the laboratory for the rich kids. Advise me on how to bargain for a Lamborghini, the rest I can google,” said Ndiritu Mike.

“The only thing she has is impeccable English. The good story ends there, because even with that diction her words seem crammed, her face comes out as untruthful and she is of course talking about ‘solving UNEMPLOYMENT problems’ that she not only has no idea about but have been created by HER OWN FATHER. Nonsense,” said Hillary Lisimba.

“Don’t roast the innocent kid guys. She is just trying to sound morally and “economically” correct just like you when you used to recite poems or those useless school debates where you used to feel top of world as “proposer” Hakana experience ya vitu kwa ground, And so is her clueless father. Who cannot understand why we are broke,” wrote Deno Alves.

“Your Youthful Cucu is in government payroll earning more than half a million per month,” said Pierre de Jeremy.

“To continue in English press one, to continue in Swahili press two, to check on our products and services press three, to return to the main menu press four. To speak to any of our representatives, please press zero, to return to the main menu press five… Dear customer, you have not pressed any of the options. Thank you!” stated Joyce Wangechi.