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Using toothpaste may harm your sperm count, study

Men beware. Researchers are warning that chemicals contained in toothpastes could harm your fertility.

According to a recent research, the chemicals are damaging to human sperms and could lead to fertility problems among men.

German and Danish researchers tested almost 100 chemicals contained in different toothpastes and discovered that a third of them affect men’s sperm count.

The research that was published in the journal EMBO Reports stated that triclosan an antibacterial agent that is found in toothpaste affects sperms.

Laboratory tests using a level of the chemical showed changes in the way sperms swim.

They also lead to an early release of hormones critical during fertilisation and make sperm less sensitive to female sex hormones.

These changes could make it more difficult for the sperm to reach the egg.

The damage was even greater when the sperm were exposed to a mixture of chemicals.

Elizabeth Salter Green, director of chemical watchdog CHEM Trust, called for tougher regulations on these chemicals.

She added, “The great worry is the ability of these chemicals to undermine fertilisation occurs at levels to which most men are regularly exposed.”