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Vera Sidika: I’m not faking pregnancy

Vera Sidika has hit back at haters suggesting she is faking her pregnancy.

Via a lengthy social media post, the socialite claims to have received all sorts of insults and hate from people who barely know her and her story.

“There is nothing I haven’t seen or heard in this life, insults, disrespect, lies, hate, fabricated stories, jealousy, wickedness to a point that someone would spend hours trying to convince people my pregnancy is fake…that I have a surrogate carrying my baby,” she posted on her Insta-stories.

At some point, the businesswoman, who says she is expecting singer Brown Mauzo’s child, suggests she was even referred to as barren because, in her own words, she never rushed into motherhood.

“When I was ready it took God one month and only one trial…boom! I got preggo. The same womb watchers are busy trying to convince you all it is fake.

On Saturday Vera held an exquisite gender reveal party at an undisclosed location in Karen, a Nairobi suburb, where she revealed she is expecting a baby girl.

From the pictures and videos from that event, netizens descended on blogger Edgar Obera’s Instagram page giving reasons why they think the pregnancy is fake.

“And then in this video she looks like she’s pulling something, maybe that fake bump I see in movies. What if she is has planned this with the mauzo, ajifanye amewachwa kisha aseme mimba ilitoka juu ya stress unajua these days’ people are doing the most coz of kiki, or maybe I’m overthinking (has she planned a prank with Mauzo so that at some point it will be claimed they separated and she miscarried because of stress),” an anonymous sent to Edgar.

Someone else wrote, “I have carried two babies you can’t set this pose while pregnant, this picture made me very suspicious as well. Mimba ya over 5 months you start walking like a duck coz your thighs are separated by the bump na huyu amecross legs lol scammm (when you are five months pregnant, you start walking like a duck because your thighs are separated by the bump yet she is here crossing her legs. Scam.”

And in a related incident, Vera has been accused by comedian Mannerson Achieng, alias Akuku Danger of refusing to pay her a balance of Sh5000 for providing sound services at the event.