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Veteran comedian Churchill opens up about plans to enter politics

Veteran comedian Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki has not ruled out entering politics, but notes that he may not be ready for it just yet.

Churchill says he hasn’t made up his mind to jump into the murky waters of politics, explaining that what excites him at the moment is the growing creative economy.

“For now, I think I am serving well in the position I am in, giving back to the community through the Churchill Foundation, which is two years old. When the time comes, Yarabi stara (Oh God, help), but for now there is so much to do in terms of nurturing talent,” the 46-year-old chuckled.

Churchill notes that with the creative economy becoming a thing, he is more focused on nurturing talents, something he has been doing for years when he launched his Churchill Comedy Show, which has paved the way for a number of notable talents.

“What we have been praying for, especially in the creative space, has started to materialise, that artistes like Butita can now turn their lifestyle into a media house is such a big opportunity. These are the kind of conversations we want to be a part of. If Safaricom is making all that profit, you should be happy because the future is data (bundles) and data means content.”

Having worked with a wide range of brands, Churchill notes that even corporates are allocating huge budgets to the creative economy, indicating what the future is all about, something he is excited about.

“The budgets of most companies, 60 per cent of them are now going into the digital space and so we can educate content creators on how to stay relevant and create content that can constantly build communities, which then translates into money.”

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