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Visa violation: Socialite Shakilla banned from Turkey

Kenyan socialite Shakilla has been banned from travelling to Turkey after breaching visa regulations.

The controversial celebrity revealed via her Insta stories that she has been fined Sh62,000 (approximately $450) and banned from entering Turkey for two months for overstaying her visa.

“And that’s how I lost $450 [in fines] and got a two month ban in Turkey for overstaying 2 months,” Shakilla revealed on her social media platform.

Visa violations can have serious consequences, with some countries, such as the United States, even deporting offenders.

Shakilla has been on an extended holiday since the beginning of the year, frequently visiting different countries.

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Known for her controversial lifestyle, she has always been determined to succeed and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Throughout her time in Turkey, she has continued to update her fans, proudly stating that “the streets chose her”, a phrase she often uses to convey her confidence.

It has been revealed in the past that Shakira’s international holidays are sponsored by her mysterious lover, whose identity she has never revealed.

Since her rumoured relationship with comedian Eric Omondi, the socialite has chosen to keep her love life private, a decision that seems to have served her well.

Just last month, Shakilla suffered an unfortunate accident while in Turkey. She took to social media to share a video of her broken arm and neck injury, informing her followers of the incident.

Turkey imposes penalties for overstaying a visa or residence permit.

The fine for overstaying in the country is Sh6932.50 ($50) for the first month and an additional Sh1386.50 ($10) for each subsequent month, among other penalties.

Overstaying a visa or residence permit in Turkey can lead to fines and other consequences, including a ban on re-entry for a specified period and other immigration-related restrictions.

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