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Vlogger Waititu reveals ‘weight’ challenges

Vlogger Maureen Waititu has revealed some of the struggles she’s undergone since giving birth to her second son three years ago.

Waititu says she has faced a battle in a bid to reduce weight, and especially around her belly area.

The belly pouch she says has always made her feel self-conscious about herself.

“A story for ladies & mamas struggling with weight loss and management. When I was pregnant with my last born son, he loved sitting on my left side of my tummy but it’s mostly because I used to sleep on my left throughout the pregnancy as advised by my Doc- but since his birth, I’ve always had a stubborn baby pouch which occasionally hangs mostly on my left side,” wrote Maureen Waititu on Instagram.

“And it’s most prominent when I sit, in fact if you look closely at my lower belly, you can see it peeping depending on my eating habits and my hormonal cycle. Yes-Women add water weight and get bloated around the same time as their calendar among a million other reasons we can’t control,” she added.

Women who have given birth, she says, should not fall under the pressure of getting back to the previous body weight in a hurry.

Instead they should be patient with themselves and continue being consistent in their fitness journey.

“Anyway, what I am saying is, I have finally started feeling like myself and my son is now 3 years old-and so for mamas with young babies and toddlers but feel like they’ll never be the same, or ever look like another mom with a hot body, please be patient with yourselves-keep pushing and staying consistent and you’ll start to see results,” explained Maureen Waititu.

But most importantly and where possible, do a metabolic test to see how your body is performing, what it needs and what it could be lacking. That is what I did a few months ago and although I have not been doing too well with my diet due to travel and different foods and the pains caused by the Rheumatoid arthritis, but all it takes is hard work, consistently and discipline.”