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Wanjigi in Sh1.5 million wardobe court battle

Businessman Jimmi Wanjigi is battling a Sh1.5 million legal suit in which a high-end shop claims he’s failed to pay for designer trousers and jackets.

Wanjigi, who recently announced he wants to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022, has since appealed the court ruling which ordered him to pay for the amount for the purchase of five pairs of designer trousers and two jackets.

Wanjigi, who once openly told the public that he helped President Kenyatta and his DP Ruto to form a government, is said to have bought five Ermenegildo Zegna trousers and two Brioni jackets but did not pay for the clothes.

Ravello Limited which owns the shop where Wanjigi shopped, reportedly tabled WhatsApp messages in which appear to remind the businessman to settle the debt.

“Hi Jimmi, can I come collect $9,675 (Sh1.05 million) and one pair of trousers that you said you’ll return?” read one of the texts.

“Good morning Jimmi. Kindly send me the grey pair of trousers and cheque, please. Regards, Aziz.” read another.

But Wanjigi argues he doesn’t owe any money to the fashion shop, citing that the claims were meant to tarnish his image.

“The defendant herein (Wanjigi) has averred in his defense that he is a total stranger to the plaintiff and that no goods or services were rendered to him.

“The defendant is a total stranger to the documents such as the WhatsApp messages the plaintiff is relying on in support of its claim,” Wanjigi challenged in an appeal at the High Court.