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Want to stay poor? Here’s 5 ways to keep your wallet empty

By Winnie Mabel November 5th, 2023 3 min read

We live in a modern society captivated by the allure of wealth and financial abundance, a society where the dream of breaking free from the constraints of limited resources is a universal aspiration. Whether inspired by stories of rags to riches, the dazzling lives of the affluent portrayed on media or the desire for a more comfortable existence, the pursuit of financial well-being and a better life is a driving force for many to get out of bed in the morning, put their best foot forward to make this a reality for themselves too.

However, there is an increasing crop of people who dream of the same but refuse to put the time and energy into earning a great income for an even greater life. They are reluctant to seize the bull by the horn and instead, opt for the comfort of mediocrity. The call life’s expectations ‘matrix’ and are the forefront of chanting ‘escape the matrix’ on and off social media. They are either too lazy, proud or scared to take advantage of opportunities they may deem too much, demeaning or pointless.

So how do they go about keeping their wallets empty and continue staying poor?

  1. Live on debts- People who refuse to manage their money will forever remain poor. They will live lives by borrowing and accumulating debts from all corners, overspend any money they get and end up on the streets when all avenues to get or make any money close up. Any money they will make will eventually go back to paying prior debts and it will be a continuous vicious cycle.
  2. Continue refusing to find a job or start a self-employed hustle- These are the people who will begin feeling entitled to help because of their financial status but the truth is they have no ambitions or drive to improve their own financial situation. They refuse to take up new opportunities and remain comfortable in their current circumstances.
  3. Refusing to ‘upskill’- Poverty is this one’s portion for fearing change and refusing to ‘upskill’ and adapt to new jobs in the market. They refuse to work in fields they did not study for or they fear wading into new waters because they only see failure. Greater income will continue to elude such people.
  4. Negative peer pressure- The friends you keep will also determine if you can climb out of the poverty hole or you will continue digging deeper past six feet. If you surround yourself with people who often discourage you and help you squander the little money you manage to scrape, then riches and wealth will forever remain your pipe dream.
  5. Substance abuse- And at the end of the day, when life has beaten you properly for all the above, you may find yourself abusing substances- an expensive habit if I may add. You might earn some little money but to forget your financial problems, you turn to alcohol, drugs and other vices which turn you into an addict. Your wallet will remain a decor item in your house or bag.

You must remember, though, that poverty is a curse. Deuteronomy 28:17 talks about how poverty was a curse on God’s children because they disobeyed Him by failing to observe all His commandments. And might you think that you broke no commandment to deserve the curse of poverty, remember curses transcend up to the fourth generation- so you great grandparent might have done something and you are paying for it today.

But, one must do their best to break these generational curses and lead a better life than their ancestors. Wisely and prayerfully seize all legitimate opportunities to earn a living and by the grace of God (or the higher power you worship), comfort, riches and even wealth may be your portion.

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