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WATCH: Outcry as lawmaker ‘manhandled’ by Police

Politicians allied to the Kenya Kwanza alliance have criticized what they say is an incident of police brutality against a sitting MP.

The incident was captured in a two-minute video where Mumias East lawmaker Benjamin Washiali is seen being dragged from a venue by several uniformed policemen.

The lawmaker is heard screaming for help and shouting ‘This is not Kenya’.

He also repeatedly asks the policemen what he’s done to warrant that kind of treatment but they remain silent. He is led to a police vehicle and refuses to board, leading to more push and shove.

The two-minute video leads to the lawmaker, who is an ardent support of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate William Ruto losing his hat and a number of buttons on his yellow shirt.

There are suggestions the lawmaker had resisted arrest for an unspecified crime and thus police were forced to use reasonable force as is provided in the law to subdue him.

The video was shared by Nelson Havi, a politician and lawyer, who claimed the arrest was ordered by rival politicians.


The lawmaker had reportedly gone to inspect the Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega ahead of a major political event set for Sunday when the incident occurred.

He is yet to publicly comment on the incident. Neither has the police.