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Weatherman called out after predicting chances of Cyclone Kenneth hitting Kenya

Kenyans have censured the Meteorological Department over its prediction on the possibility of Cyclone Kenneth hitting Kenya.

The department, currently enjoying low public confidence due to inconsistent forecasts, announced on Thursday that Cyclone Kenneth will not hit the Kenya coast. Instead it is expected to make a land fall in Tanzania and Mozambique this week.

The weatherman cited ‘laws of physics’ to explain its prediction.

“By the laws of physics, Cyclones cannot come this close to the equator. Landfall will be northern Mozambique as shown in the satellite image,” it tweeted.

It however pointed out that parts of the country may experience the effects of the cyclone in the form of enhanced rainfall. This will include parts of Isiolo, western Kenya, Samburu and Nairobi.

Kenyans on social media did not have kind words to the weatherman.