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Diamond’s old flame Wema Sepetu confesses missing her ex

Tanzanian model Wema Sepetu is missing her ex-boyfriend Namibia’s Luis Munana.

Wema shared a photo of her and Munana, saying if missing someone is a crime then she is a suspect.

“If missing someone is A Crime then I want to be WANTED… A Blessed Tuesday to y’all… One of my Favorite pics…??? ,” she wrote.

Wema then turned off comments for that particular photo prompting her fans to camp on Munana’s wall telling him he was being missed.


The couple dated back in 2015 immediately after Wema broke up with Diamond Platinumz.

After their break up Wema dated Tanzania’s Idris Sultan in 2016 before breaking up with him as well.

Wema, during a past interview, said Munana came into her life when she needed comfort and that it was his recurrent relationship with his girlfriend Samantha and the long distance that made her break up with him.

During that same interview, Wema said deep down she still loved Munana despite her using him to get over her ex-boyfriend.