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Who was the wailing woman in court after Jowie was denied bail?

A female voice was heard wailing in court after murder suspect Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was denied bail on Tuesday.

Guards had to escort the woman out of court after she broke down shortly after Judge James Wakiaga made the ruling.

During the bail hearing, only Jowie’s mother hugged him in court. It is unclear if she was the one who wailed.

The judge ruled that Jowie will remain in custody pending trial. He argued, among other things, that the suspect has no assets in the country and is a flight risk.

Jowie’s military training and ability to access firearms also came to play in court as the judge said witnesses would be afraid to testify against a man who can access a gun and is roaming freely.

Judge Wakiaga further mentioned that Jowie knows the identity of the witnesses and it would be risky to release him on bail.

Attempts by defence lawyers to plead that Jowie needs specialized treatment for his gunshot wound, the judge said “there is no evidence that he is unable to get specialized treatment while in custody.”