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Who’s DJ Brownskin and why did he trend in 2018?

Michael Macharia Njiri better known as  DJ Brownskin is a renowned Kenyan disk jockey who’s recently hogged headlines for controversial reasons.

He became a household name in the entertainment scene following an incident where he came out to claim that he coined the once famously used Kenyan slogan “Lamba Lila Lolo”, which the popular disk jockey used in his mixes. 

Owing to its creation, DJ Brownskin then quickly rose to fame as the catchphrase picked on in many entertainment joints.

During an interview in 2018, he explained how he curated the much-loved phrase as his work of art for his mixes. 

“Lamba lolo is more of a slogan and as a DJ who uses the popular ‘pull up the tunes’ and ‘kama ngoma inabamba wapi nduru’ sound effects, I came up with ‘Lamba lila lolo as my own sound effect,” said Brownskin.

He went on to clarify its origin by saying;

“Also when you listen to Gregory Isaac’s ‘border’ song there is a line where he sounds like he’s using that line and when you coin the lyrics using the song’s instrumentals, it fits perfectly. I know there are people who think it’s an 18 and over kind of phrase but it is just another creative line by a creative Kenyan who happens to be me this time,” he added.

DJ Brownskin, then, capitalized on the popular phrase and went ahead to turn the popular slogan into a brand from which he sells merchandise. 

Since his rise to fame, Dj Brownskin has entertained various entertainment joints in Kenya and has also gained international recognition having performed in countries such as Dubai.

As many hailed the famous spin master for his music-mixing prowess and artistry, controversy struck.

This followed the resurfacing of a video of his wife’s death.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, has left Kenyans eliciting mixed reactions for his supposed behaviour at the time his wife was dying.

DJ Brownskin’s wife, who was known as Sharon Njeri Mwangi, died after reportedly taking poison in July 29, 2022.

In the video making rounds, which was reportedly taken by the entertainer, the deceased is seen having a conversation, in the middle of which she takes something in a cup as someone records her actions all that while.

The deceased then sits on the couch while in an apparent struggle as the recording goes on while a male voice calls on ‘auntie’ to give her milk presumably to dilute the poison. After some time, one of their kids enters the room, and the child sees his mother lying on the floor, fighting for her life.

“I’m done. Tell my kids and people I love them,” Brownskin’s wife mumbles in the video.

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