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Why arrival of this KQ flight to Heathrow was covered live on BBC

Thousands of internet users in the UK tracked a Kenya Airways (KQ) flight after it emerged that a minister who has been hit by a scandal was aboard.

The arrival of flight number KQ 100 at Heathrow airport was covered live on major TV channels.

International development secretary Priti Patel is expected to be fired by British Prime Minister Theresa May upon landing.

According to Guardian, Patel’s trip in Africa was cut short when she admitted two more previously undisclosed meetings with Israeli politicians, and raised the possibility of Britain diverting aid to the Israeli army.

There are also reports that she also breached protocol by visiting the Golan Heights.

Golan Heights is an area seized from Syria in 1967 despite diplomatic protocol saying British officials do not travel there.

She also did not inform the Foreign Office of her visits to Israel in advance as protocol demands.

She left Nairobi aboard KQ 100 on Wednesday for the eight-hour flight.

More than 22,000 users tracked the flight on

TVs also deployed choppers and tracked her limo as it snaked through the busy London streets.