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Why drama queen Akothee is switching to gospel music – VIDEO

Singer Akothee has shared details that drove her to quit secular music and become a gospel musician.

The singer said there is so much bile in secular music and she is trading places for the tranquility in church.

She said she realized that its only in church where there is no hate and jealousy among musicians.

“In the secular industry you don’t know if someone you are speaking to is your enemy or supporter. We don’t have cheerleaders in this industry, we have killers of talent.

“I applause all the gospel artistes because you know in church all you need is Jesus. The church is always full, that’s why I want to jump to gospel because it’s easier for me,” Akothee said during an appearance  at the relaunch of EMB,  a music label owned by gospel singer Kevin Bahati.

Akothee blasted Kenyan musicians, claiming their unprofessional conduct had discouraged her from starting a record label.

“I will never start a label because Kenyan artistes are the most indiscipline, disrespectful, ungrateful and dishonest people.”

The musician also clarified her act of mobilizing millions of shillings to buy food donations for hunger stricken people in Turkana was not a publicity stunt .

“I did not go to Turkana to prove the government wrong, that it’s not working. I share a special bond with Turkana. That is where I was born and brought up. For very many years my parents worked there as administrators. Turkana is very dear to me and I couldn’t just sit and do nothing.”