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Why I still use my late husband’s name, 16 years on – Isabella Kituri

Media personality Isabella Kituri has revealed why she still uses her late husband’s name 16 year after he died.

Speaking toradio host Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, she said the name Kituri is already a brand on its own and her son also did not want her to change it.

“In the media industry the name is a brand, I tried to change it but the few who noticed advised me to stick with it. My son has also asked me not to change plus my current husband has no problem with the name,” she said.


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His face says dare you kiss me! And you still dig yourself in a hole. Monday Easter blessings to you all! #sonshine #faithoverfear #motherhoodisfun #GGMU @manutd_girls

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Mrs Kituri however said she was not sure if the name will remain as it is for the rest of her life.

Isabella lost her husband 16 years ago to colon cancer when she was 25, one year into their marriage and with a three-month-old infant.

The now mother of two said it took her 14 years to love again and allow someone else in her life.

“I had initially said that I would not get into another relationship. I was confused and in pain. But my parents kept saying I should not say that and should wait upon God,” she confessed.

She is currently married to a man whose identity she has deliberately kept secret. She described her husband as a calm and respectful man who fell in love with her as a person and not the tv figure.

“He does not watch television, so he did not know I used to be on TV. He fell in love with me as a person and not the Isabella people see on the television. We met in different hustles and also I had prayed to God to give me a person who will not get attracted to me because of my job,” said Isabella.