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Why Kenyan men are discouraged from marrying in Uganda

Ugandan media personality Lucky Mbabazi has cautioned Kenyan men against seeking Ugandan women for marriage.

Mbabazi, a famed radio presenter, suggested Kenyan men would struggle to maintain Ugandan women owing to the latter’s consistent love for money.

She explained in a video: “I’ve heard that Kenyan men want Ugandan ladies. Please don’t come to Uganda.”

Adding: “Our (Ugandan) women love transport money, kameza money (money on the table). If you do not have money please do not come here. You will not manage.”

She also observed that Kenyan men appear used to dating their Kenyan counterparts, most of whom do not mind splitting the bills.

“When dating a Ugandan woman, you have to pay for everything. Don’t come here looking for women. They are very expensive.”

Mbabazi’s comments come barely two months after Police in Uganda arrested women protesting on the streets of Kampala over what they said is the little money left behind by their husbands and boyfriends at home.

The women were holding placards that read: “Prices (of basic commodities) have increased but kameeza money (money that men leave on the table) has not.”