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Why Rayvanny discussed his departure from Wasafi with Diamond

Raymond Mwakyusa, widely known as Rayvanny in the Bongo Flava scene says he discussed his decision to leave renowned music label Wasafi (WCB), owned by fellow artist Diamond Platnumz, nearly two years ago.

In an interview on the Imo podcast, the CEO of Next Level Music Rayvanny says he knew he did not want to have a bad blood with his former boss.

While acknowledging the fruitful collaboration and achievements attained under Diamond’s tutelage, Rayvanny expressed a need for independence,.

“There came a time when I said, I think I am mature enough to move on, to be independent.”

Reflecting on the transition from Wasafi to an independent artist, Rayvanny emphasised the challenges inherent in such a move.

“It’s hard. But the good thing is that we have good communication. Because usually when artists leave a label, it’s not always good,” he said.

Rayvanny also commended his distribution company for facilitating his journey towards independence, highlighting the newfound sense of freedom and creative autonomy that it has afforded him.

He embraced the opportunities and challenges that come with being an independent artist, viewing it as a platform for self-discovery and growth.

“It’s up to you now, whether you fail or succeed, it’s up to you. It’s a good challenge for me to discover myself,” he expressed.

Rayvanny officially bid farewell to WCB in July 2022 after six years of collaboration.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Rayvanny expressed gratitude to Diamond’s label for nurturing his talent and contributing significantly to his musical journey.

Rayvanny was charged TSh800 million (KSh40 million) to terminate his contract.

Diamond said in an interview with DW Africa that some artistes leave his label because they fail to adhere to contractual obligations.

“We don’t just sign artists; we ensure their music transforms into a business and makes them very wealthy,” Diamond explained.

“That’s why artists signed under Wasafi become successful. However, some of them, after benefiting from our support, attempt to break their contracts forcefully. They demand the full amount of money they earned while working under Wasafi.”

In 2020, after Rich Mavoko departed from the label, his sister revealed that Diamond Platnumz asked him to pay Tsh500 million (KSh23 million) to terminate his contract with the label.

Harmonize said he had to pay Wasafi Tshs 500 million (Kshs 22M) as stipulated in his contract in order to get rights to his masters and the Harmonize name.

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