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Wife forgives husband who damaged her fridge

By Joseph Ndunda January 26th, 2022 1 min read

A man charged with damaging his wife’s household items including electronics got a reprieve after his wife withdrew charges of malicious damage to her property against him.

Edward Kayaya, 37, was charged with willfully and unlawfully damaging a cupboard, a fridge, a blender, electronic heater, water dispenser and a coffee table all valued at Sh50,500 belonging to his wife Maryline Adema at their house in Nairobi.

He denied the charges before senior resident magistrate Renee Kitangwa of Kibera law courts.

His wife took to the stand to inform the court that she had forgiven him and wanted to withdraw the charges against him following a reconciliation.

The two have been married for 13 years and have two children.

Lawyer George Aswani who brokered the deal between them told the court they had reconciled after Kayaya profusely apologised to his wife.

Andema told Kitangwa that she decided to forgive her husband because of her family.

The court had that Kayaya became chaotic while at home one evening and started damaging the items.

Fearing for a confrontation that would lead to injuries, his wife left quietly and reported to the police who visited and arrested him.