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William Kabogo posted about bad loans and people want him back as governor

By EDDY KAGERA January 4th, 2018 2 min read

A post by William Kabogo on why banks are racking up bad loans has gone viral with most commenters wishing he would be back as Kiambu Governor.

On Wednesday, Mr Kabogo advised banks to renegotiate the loan repayment plans to ensure more Kenyans service their loans.

He reasoned that waiting to auction Kenyans was futile as “no one is buying from auctioneers”.

The former governor lost the Jubilee primaries to Ferdinand Waititu who went on to win the seat in the August 8, 2017 general election.

Mr Kabogo had vied as an independent in the general election.

The advice touched most of his followers with many regretting the fact that he was not reelected. It has been shared more than 350 times on Facebook and retweeted more than 800 times. It has attracted hundreds of comments on both platforms.

Below, are a few comments:

Ndawa Tin To Kech wrote: “I pity kiambu guys for having failed to elect you back..Baba yao cannot even think of this…yeye ni kutuwish phopsphorous 2018.”

Eng Kenneth Magu said: “HIS.EXCELLENCE WILLIAM …You have surely talked a lot of creativity, Kenya needs such a mind..people of kiambu we made a bad choice not giving you a chance. But we have hope in you governor, …#kabakabogo they talk soo much yet do less..we need Action leaders like you not some fakers big mouth….”


Designêř Orijîî Kutokâ Chinâ added: “That’s the way sir…don’t be so silent; let them know we still exist and we are coming for them harder than before. Mt kenya 001 take that to the bank.”

Karanja Daniel Njiiri wrote: “I miss u as the governor but also highly Miss u as president of Kenya ur capable that’s why they try to cut your root of celebrity bt ngai dakomaga u will be people’s choice come 2022 Hon. William Kabogo Gitau.”

Ngecu Karanja went on: “It’s unfortunate that you weren’t voted in back. Anyway the bill on capping interest rates was a double edged sword, why? A capitalist economy is founded on debt, once you stifle borrowing it will stifle growth because banks wouldn’t be willing to loan out as much money as before despite more people wanting to borrow.”

Jafar Andy added: “My governor of all times. I had deep respect for Kiambu people until you voted this great man out. He knows development like his palm of his hands.waititu the man you voted now wants only Kikuyu’s to be employed in personal businesses. How shallow thinking is this. Mtakuwa mnatoa lock asubui then mnaenda kubeba mizigo devki or any other big factories Luhyas and luos work??be serious… I’m a kyuk but you made your bed so do lie on it. Other tribes doing well in kiambu and instead of doing business mkaamua in pombe then you vote a learned Governor out?I’m ashamed of you guys. All is not lost.rudisheni kabogo…na muache tunusu..mtaona mkinawiri.goodluck kafogo.”

Lilian Akeyo said: “Voting out kabogo is one mistake. Voting in baba yao is another mistake all together. Where did we go wrong?”