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Monster woman wanted after being captured on camera brutalizing hapless man – VIDEO

A startling video has emerged online showing a woman ruthlessly assaulting a man for allegedly refusing to repay a debt of Sh200.

The 45-second amateur video shows the assailant unleashing slaps, blows and kicks that send her hapless victim sprawling to the ground.

It is however not clear when and where the incident occurred. The identities of the man and woman have also not been established.

In the video, the woman is heard demanding to be refunded her cash as she rains blows and kicks on the man.

Her victim, on his part, is heard pleading in Kikuyu to be allowed him some time to settle the debt, but his pleas fall on deaf ear.

“Nipatie pesa yangu, wewe unanibeba ufala, nipatie pesa yangu hapa sikuachili,” the woman keeps saying, as a group of bystanders look, on without intervening.


And the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is now seeking information from the public on details of the incident with a view of arresting the perpetrator.

“Calling on the public to provide details of this incident i.e. perpetrator, location and date to inform appropriate action by the.@ODPP_KE,” tweeted ODPP.

The undated video’s emergence comes just a few days after a man from Makueni county was arrested for battering his wife, in an incident that was also captured on camera.

Daudi Nzomo has since pleaded guilty before a court in Makueni to a charge of causing grievous harm to his wife Ms Winfred Mwende.

Nzomo, who is in remand at Makueni Police Station, will know his fate on Wednesday, August 8, when the court will deliver its judgement.