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Woman detained alongside lover for allegedly pimping underage daughter

A man suspected of defiling his lover’s 16-year-old daughter is detained with the lover at Industrial Area police station, Nairobi – for the alleged defilement and parental negligence respectively.

Joseph Mutinda was put in custody after he was suspected of of having defiled his lover’s daughter. His lover is held for failure to take care of her child after she allegedly sent her to get married to Mutinda.

Police constable Rita Mbui said the two were arrested by Nyumba Kumi officials and handed to the police on suspicion that the woman had married off her daughter to her lover having failed to take her to school.

Mbui told Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga that she is investigating a case of defilement and failure to protect a child from harmful cultural rights.

“The second respondent is the mother of the complainant. After failing to take care of her daughter, she subjected her to early marriage,” the police officer stated in an application she filed in court seeking orders to hold the two for 14 days.


“The second respondent [Mutinda] rented a house for the complainant and when the landlord asked him, he claimed she was his wife. It is alleged that Mutinda has been going to the minor’s house and defiling her on several occasions.”

But Mutinda dismissed the claims that he had defiled his lover’s daughter. He said it was a misunderstanding between him and his neighbours.

Mutinda said he has cohabited with the girl’s mother for two years and they should be presumed married “and I can’t do the things being alleged”.

He said the woman told him to rent a house for her daughter because her sister, who was staying with the minor, was relocating from Nairobi to upcountry. He complied.

Mutinda said his lover did not want him living with her daughter in her absence and that is the reason she suggested that he rents a house for he.

The minor’s mother said she was out of Nairobi and requested her lover Mutinda to find accommodation for her daughter, which he did.

She said she was shocked by the allegations she had married off her daughter to her husband.

Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga remanded the two at the station until police find the minor to tell the court her story before setting the terms for the matter.

“You sound a responsible man, but let it not be that you have been eating a hen and its chick,” Nyaga told Mutinda. The case will be mentioned on Thursday when the state prosecution office will decide how to proceed with the case.