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Woman left in shock and ‘hairless’ after one-night stand

A night of unrestrained passion left one woman traumatized and puzzled the morning after upon realizing that the man she slept with left after shaving clean her private parts.

The woman who, gave a full disclosure of her identity and that of her one-night partner, narrated on phone to a local radio station how the two met on social media and how after a while they decided to get intimate.

But after what the lady termed as a steamy night of passion, she was horrified to wake up the following morning and discover that she had been ‘clean shaved’ and her man long gone.


“I woke up and when I went to refresh myself, I found I had no hair down there,” she told the radio host.

Asked why she didn’t bother to shave before their meeting, the lady said she left in a hurry and had no time to shave.

When the radio station reached out to the man in question, he admitted his actions saying he did so to teach the woman a lesson on being hygienic.

“I shaved her to teach her a lesson that good girls always shave their pubic hair,” said the man, who also dispelled the woman’s fears that he had taken away her hair for witchcraft purposes.