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Why this billboard has divided opinion on social media

A billboard adverting a new look yoghurt from Brookside Dairy has lit up social media with opinion sharply divided within the online community.

The conversation around the billboard with Caucasian cartoons characters took a racial twist when Dr Wandia Njoya suggested that Brookside, who have rebranded their yoghurt should have used wild animals.

Dr Njoya, who heads the Department of Language at Daystar University, also accused Brookside of racism but the reactions that came after that were eye-opening.

Users started discussing how Kenyan children love Disney cartoon characters and identify with them in everything.

Some alluded to the fact that most birthday cakes and even school bags have images of these characters.

Mukuiya Thiong’o‏ wrote, “Krackles crisps did this too with Looney toons images but I didn’t see anyone make noise, Kenafric used Ben 10 on gum. Why is it a big deal with Brookside?”


Just Losie added, “Plus having Frozen Branded merchandise is nothing new in Kenya, watu huku ni ushamba inawasumbua lol….”

Linda Agola‏ wrote, “Everything is Frozen. Honestly I don’t see why the big deal about the Frozen billboard. I guess because it’s more visible.”

Miss E‏ added, “My daughter watches Frozen and Sofia the First every day. That yogurt is targeting us.”

Laura added, “My son and Spiderman/Mickey Mouse. Everything from hankies, stationery, cups, plates, water bottles, bags, outfits, bedding… everything. We buy the Spiderman yoghurt too.”

Leo tunapika? By Gatuiri‏ wrote, “I can’t count the number of cakes we’ve done with these characters. It’s all the rage.”