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‘You stood by me!’ – Newly wed Akothee celebrates ex on his birthday

Singer Akothee took to her social media platforms to celebrate the birthday of her ex and former manager, Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi, popularly known as Nelly Oaks. The heartfelt message not only highlighted their professional journey, but also shed light on the deep bond they share beyond their romantic past.

In June 2022, Akothee confirmed her breakup with Nelly Oaks after weeks of speculation by netizens.

The singer and her ex-boyfriend had an on-and-off relationship for many years, with Nelly Oaks serving as her manager before their love affair began.

Singer Akothee and Nelly Oaks in hospital. PHOTO | COURTESY

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Expressing her gratitude, Akothee thanked Nelly Oaks for his pivotal role in her life and career. She acknowledged their challenges together, saying, “It’s only the two of us who know how we got the brand where it is.” She recalled moments of darkness when Nelly Oaks stood by her side, wiping her tears and providing unwavering support.

Akothee especially mentioned a difficult time when her baby daddies ganged up against her in Switzerland, expressing her appreciation for Nelly Oaks’ loyalty.

β€œA very humble being . Thank you very much for the part you played in my entire life and my career πŸ’ͺ it’s only the two of us who knows how we got The brand where it is. Thank you very much for being there when the world looked like blood inside the darkness. Thank you for wiping my tears, standing with me when baby daddies ganged up against me in switzerland 😭😭😭, that was UGLY πŸ™ You stood by Me πŸ™ ,” she added.

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Not only did he support Akothee, but he also created a strong connection with her children and continued to care for them.

Akothee emphasized their unbreakable family background, affirming that nothing could come between them.

β€œYou are still in the hearts and in the minds of my children, you created a bond with them and still take care of them in that Toxic Nairobi πŸ’ͺ you are family πŸ™. For those who don’t know ,we share a strong family background & that nothing can break us,” she said.

Akothee showered Nelly Oaks with praise and appreciation in her message, emphasizing his value, respect, and love. She encouraged him to walk with pride, as he is the pride of Kamagambo.

Akothee even playfully mentioned her support for Nelly Oaks in his potential political career, although politics is not her area of expertise. Ultimately, she urged him to focus on his business and live a life filled with happiness and peace.

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