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Zari Hassan hits back at critics over allegations of fake luxury bag

South African socialite Zari Hassan has found herself defending her lifestyle after a bold critic accused her of flaunting fake luxury items on social media.

The controversy ignited when she posted photos on Monday, January 8, showcasing herself with a Louis Vuitton bag while strolling around her South African home.

Dressed in a cream outfit that complemented the handbag, Zari captioned the video with a motivational quote from Dwayne Johnson, saying:

“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.”

However, her positive post took an unexpected turn when a man claimed her Louis Vuitton bag was fake.

Unfazed by the criticism, Zari took to her Instagram stories to fire back at the allegations.

“Man f** it, what’s 2k$,” she began her rant, urging critics to stay in their “broke lane” and stop labelling people’s belongings as fake. Zari even cheekily threatened to post receipts of her underwear to prove her authenticity.

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She pulled out a receipt from her YSK bag, revealing that the Louis Vuitton had cost her 35,000 rand (Sh296,933) when she purchased it in 2019 from a luxury brand shop in Sandton.

Zari defiantly defended her lifestyle, saying that she could afford luxury items alongside cars and property.

“So like I can afford to buy cars and property, and you telling me I can’t buy bags because some losers on the internet went saying oh Zari has fake stuff. Nah fam, okay I get it, I’m about to show you receipts of my underwear how about that? This bag has been moving for years. It goes everywhere like stay broke and shut up,” she declared to the camera.

Zari continued to address the issue, expressing her astonishment at the negativity and accusing haters of being obsessed with her life.

This is not the first time Zari has responded to critics questioning her lifestyle choices, emphasizing that she won’t be swayed by baseless allegations.