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Muniache! Georgina Njenga defends her ‘fake’ designer outfit

Georgina Njenga, a digital content creator and Baha’s baby mama, found herself in a situation where she had to address criticisms from Kenyans who accused her of wearing a counterfeit designer outfit.

The mother of one had shared stylish photos of herself, showcasing her new hairstyle and impeccable makeup.

Georgina Njenga’s attire, a two-piece outfit that closely resembled the renowned American fashion giant Calvin Klein, turned out to be a replica.

While the design and material of Georgina’s outfit bore a striking resemblance to Calvin Klein, it surprisingly displayed the label “Calni Kean.”

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Georgina Njenga showcased her Calni Kean outfit. PHOTO| COURTESY

This difference didn’t go unnoticed by internet users, who began mocking her for donning what seemed like counterfeit attire.

i_am_farhia: “As long as she’s rocking the outfit.”

tattoosbynewton: “There’s fake, and then there’s ‘deep fake.'”

The criticism prompted the YouTube content creator to not only restrict comments on her posts but also address the backlash she was facing.

Using her Instagram stories, the new mother shared a photo of her outfit and clarified that she wasn’t wearing a counterfeit product.

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She pointed out that there was, in fact, a brand with the name “Calni Kean.”

“First of all, there is a brand called Calni Kean, so please leave me alone,” Georgina wrote in response to the controversy.

Google’s search results reveal that Calni Kean specializes in women’s sports and fitness attire, particularly focusing on vest-style shockproof bras, with relatively lower popularity.

The attire costs between Sh3000 and Sh4000 before shipping.

It’s worth noting that when you search for the brand, you come across results for the well-known American fashion powerhouse Calvin Klein.

It’s a frequent occurrence for celebrities to opt for replica or imitation designer clothing, accessories, or jewelry.

One primary factor motivating celebrities to choose replica items is budget constraints.

These replicas often serve as more budget-friendly alternatives to genuine designer pieces.

Additionally, certain celebrities may don imitation designer items as a means of making a fashion statement.

Their aim may be to display a particular style or aesthetic without necessarily aligning with or possessing the authentic designer item.

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