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Zoom responds to Serena Williams bathroom question

So what do you do when you are in a Zoom meeting and you have to go for a short call? Well, Video chat company Zoom had to explain this to American tennis star Serena Williams after she asked her fans on social media to help her with the query.

According to Zoom, a person can either drop a be right back (brb) in the chat, drop a toilet emoji or click I am away in the reactions menu.

“What is the etiquette when on zoom and you have to go to the bathroom?” Serena Williams asked.

“We have a few options, all have our CEO (Chief Etiquette Officer) approval: 1. Drop brb in the chat 2. emoji 3. Click ‘I’m Away ’ in the reactions menu,” Zoom replied.

Serena Williams is among the world renowned athletes and tennis players.

The call app was not the only one with ideas of what to do during such a time, netizens also gave their opinions.

“Sorry, my internet connection is unstable, I will be back in a minute,” @MagdaLinette wrote.

“DM the host saying “I’ll be right back”. Turn off the camera. Mute the mic. Go handle your business and return without interrupting,” @elaineswann said.

“1. Take a screenshot of yourself talking 2. Put that up and pretend your connection is glitching 3. Sprint to the bathroom and handle it 4. Return saying “wait I think you cut out” and “what did you say?” no matter what is happening 5. Pretend it’s their fault,” @ToneSoCold responded.

“Literally just finished facilitating a webinar. During Q&A I had to tell the audience, ” give me a minute, I need a bathroom break ” ( and this appears top on my screen ),” @pappyjkd said.

“Take no chances, just disconnect completely and re-join once you’re back,” @zahranealy wrote.

“Any zoom that requires a bathroom break has clearly gone on for too long. Meeting adjourned,” @YankeeHamilton said.

“I always bring my iPad to the bathroom (on mute, of course). In Japan, not many people put their cameras on so you can pretend,” slicedlemon said.