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10 heart-wrenching experiences for Nairobi motorists

1. Pedestrians crossing the road even when the lights are green.

Pedestrians at a Zebra crossing. FILE PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS
Pedestrians at a Zebra crossing. FILE PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS

There is a common misconception that the pedestrians have the right of way anytime and those who drag their feet on zebra crossings.

2. Matatu conductors and touts shouting at female motorists and giving unsolicited advice on how to drive.

3. Motorbike riders crisscrossing the road and riding on the wrong side.

4. Extremely slow drivers who take the express lane while cruising at below 50kph even on the superhighway. Heavy trucks too.

5. Matatus overlapping on an already overstretched road making it hard for the traffic to flow while others drop off passengers in the middle of a highway.

6. Motorists changing lanes at roundabouts.

Common at the Donholm roundabout where a motorist goes through the petrol station then uses a wrong lane for those going into Donholm estate.

7. Hooting at fellow motorists to run a red lights and there are other cars using the junction.

Also, those who ignore orders from traffic police officers.

8. Engines running even when a vehicle is stopping hence polluting the environment. (It’s not like it’s winter and you need to keep the bus warm).

9. Motorists crossing at junctions to join a different lane instead of going round hence disturbing fellow drivers.

10. Littering the road with water bottles banana peels and spits which sometimes end up on the other driver’s windscreen.