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10 most in-demand skills employers want to see on your resume

The list of skills at the bottom of your resume might feel like an afterthought, but that section is more important than you might think, especially if you’re hoping to land a new job soon.

A majority of companies (76%) are using skills-based hiring to fill open roles, with more than half (55%) using role-specific skills tests to vet candidates, according to a report by TestGorilla, an Amsterdam-based HR tech firm.

The skills that hiring managers are looking for, however, are constantly changing, with technical skills including analytics and sales, and soft skills like leadership and communication, becoming more popular in recent years, new research from LinkedIn found.

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To help job seekers determine which skills to highlight on their resume, LinkedIn identified the top 10 skills employers are hiring for right now. LinkedIn Learning is also offering free courses in each of the skills.

Here are the top skills on that list.

Customer service
Project management
Analytical skills

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Management tops the list, as companies look for people who can hire in a challenging labor market and effectively lead understaffed teams. These leaders also need to be adaptable in case of an economic recession.

Technical skills are required for many jobs, but lacking soft skills can be a deal-breaker for recruiters and hiring managers. Soft skills like teamwork, communication and problem-solving are especially valuable for professionals working in a hybrid work environment.

It’s important to note that job seekers don’t need to include every skill on LinkedIn’s list on their applications to be successful in their search: A nurse, for example, doesn’t need sales experience.

Still, it’s smart to think about what skills are in demand for the jobs you’re interested in by paying close attention to the language in job descriptions, reading companies’ career pages, or connecting with people in those roles and asking them which skills they’ve found to be most helpful in their position.

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