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1am announcement! Parents angry at Machogu’s school reopening delay

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu disclosed that due to ongoing floods, school reopening has been rescheduled to May 6.

The announcement, made at 1:20 am on April 29, just hours before the official opening of schools, caught many parents off guard as they had already made preparations for the original reopening date.

Machogu explained that the ministry had reached this decision upon receiving reports detailing the severe impact of the heavy rains on schools nationwide.

“In the face of the ongoing heavy rains, the Ministry of Education last week directed its field officers to submit data from all Basic Education Learning Institutions countrywide to assist the Government in assessing the readiness of the schools for the Second Term opening on Monday, April 29, 2024.”

He said that sending students and staff to the affected schools would jeopardise their safety, prompting the decision to postpone the reopening.

“Reports received at the Ministry of Education corroborated with data from other relevant Government agencies, show that a number of schools in various regions of the country have been adversely affected by the rains. The devastating effects of the rains in some of the schools are so severe that it will be imprudent to risk the lives of learners and staff before water-tight measures are put in place to ensure adequate safety of all affected school communities,” Machogu said.

Most schools were scheduled to reopen on Monday, April 29.

Machogu expressed that the ministry would collaborate with relevant agencies and stakeholders to implement measures aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of the rains.

“In the meantime, the Ministry will work with relevant agencies and stakeholders to put in place measures to mitigate the adverse effects of the rains and provide regular updates on all developments as pertain to the education sector.”

Some parents took to social media to express disappointment, questioning why the ministry waited so long to make the announcement.

Here are reactions:

Hon. Oscar Wanjala: There’s no government here, how can you postpone school opening in the middle of the night buanaa, when some parents have already prepared their kids for school?
@itsslugger: Students are already en route to schools despite delayed opening. Late-night communication is eerie to parents. Timing matters, why does he choose to communicate when concerned are sleep!!!!?
@EduGee_: Wow, at 2 am on the very same day of reopening. Just wow, how inconvenient.
@patoh_jr: Can already see kids in school uniform boarding matatus. He should resign mapema ndio best. Where was he the whole weekend?
@royjacobobanda: This is really confusing, I have not heard from my principal.
@MMutisya_fr: Overnight this Machogu must be the most confused Cs have seen
@howard_ndolo: Where was he to announce last week it was all over as people requested it?