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22Bet’s ultimate guide to available sports betting options during Covid-19

If you’re an avid sports bettor, you probably feel like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet. Over the course of the last month, the coronavirus pandemic has put the vast majority of sporting events on hold. There’s no domestic or international football to watch. All major American sports leagues have suspended play. And long-awaited international events, such as the Euros and the Tokyo Olympics, have been moved to 2021. Quite simply, there’s absolutely nothing for you to wager on.

Or is there?

To help carry you through the current drought of sports betting in Kenya, 22Bet compiled this list of events you can wager on right now. Let’s dig in!


Association football is the most popular sport in the world. The indefinite postponement of all major football events has left a void in the hearts of many sports enthusiasts. Millions of fans are constantly checking their news feeds for information about when play will resume. But what if we told you there is still a way for you to wager on football matches? That’s right, top-flight football is still being played in some parts of the world. You just have to know where to look.

While there are several leagues currently in operation, the Belarusian Premier League is the clear favourite for many. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic has been somewhat of a blessing to Belarusian football. You can now find previews and predictions for upcoming BPL games on major European and American sports websites, and several broadcasters have signed contracts with the league to make games easier to watch for audiences in the west. You can find betting lines for Belarusian Premier League matches on 22Bet.


Up until just a couple of weeks ago, it appeared that the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) would temporarily take the crown of being the most-watched basketball league in the world. Venues were booked, new TV deals were signed, and Western basketball fans were beginning to familiarise themselves with the teams and the players. But shortly before the scheduled start of the season, the CBA made the decision to reschedule its games. According to the latest information, the season will start in July.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on basketball games. The Chinese Taipei League looks like it’s ready for its fifteen minutes of fame. You can place bets on the Chinese Taipei League on 22Bet.

Ice hockey

Just like its domestic football league, the first division of Belarusian ice hockey is experiencing unprecedented popularity now. If you’re hungry for some hockey, 22Bet offers a selection of betting lines on Belarusian Extraleague games.

Table tennis

In the absence of more popular events, the betting public has turned its attention to previously overlooked sports, such as table tennis (aka ping pong). If betting on table tennis seems like something you’d enjoy, you’ll be pleased to know that 22Bet offers betting lines on several currently active leagues, such as the Masters and the BoomCup.

Horse racing (and other types of animal racing)

They say history often repeats itself. There used to be a time when sports betting was synonymous with horse racing. Despite many events being postponed in the last few weeks, several racetracks are still in operation and as popular as ever with the betting public. And if horses aren’t your thing, you can also place bets on camel racing and greyhound racing. 22Bet offers betting lines on many of these events.

Obscure and strange betting options


Professional chess is having a long-awaited resurgence in popularity with the betting public. While this wave of interest can in no way compare to the chess mania of 1972 (the year Bobby Fischer became world champion), it is certainly a welcome event for the world of professional chess. Checkers and other table games are also experiencing an uptick in interest.


Competitive gaming isn’t exactly something new or niche. Major eSports events have been watched by millions of people for years now. Yet many members of the general betting public have been unfamiliar with this type of competition until now. What makes eSports especially appealing in the times of a pandemic is that events can take place online. That means there is no need for the players to be in the same room with one another to compete. 22Bet has a wide selection of eSports events that you can place bets on.

Culture events and weather

Moving on from the serious to the bizarre, many people are starting to place bets on the outcomes of award ceremonies and the latest episodes of their favourite television shows. And if that didn’t seem strange enough, there are actual betting venues that allow you to place bets on the weather.

Virtual (simulated) sports

In the absence of real sports, some sports bettors are turning to virtual simulated sports. In essence, virtual sports are AI-controlled matches of video games like Fifa or NBA2K. The games are usually streamed online via Twitch or YouTube. 22Bet has several options for betting on these events.

Futures bets

But if you only want to bet on sports and leagues that you are familiar with, there’s still a way for you to do that. Futures bets can be placed on both postponed and upcoming sporting events, and they are available at many sportsbooks.