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Millions! Amount ex-TPF star Peter Msechu spent on lavish home

By Sinda Matiko September 26th, 2023 1 min read

Ex-Tusker Project Fame star Peter Msechu has thrown a hint of how much he has spent to complete his modern multi-million home in Dar-es-Salaam.

A few days ago, Msechu invited his close friends and family to a dinner soiree to celebrate the completion of the project that took him and his wife Amma Lauren eight years to finish.

Addressing his guests, Msechu delved on the tough financial decisions he and his wife had to undertake to see through the project.

“We made a commitment to save 50 percent of every earning we generated to go towards this project. I remember at some point one of our kids fell ill and we didn’t have the money except the savings for this project. We decided we aren’t going to touch the saving and decided to borrow money from somewhere else to attend to our child situation. These are some of the tough decisions we made,” Msechu revealed.

The singer however fell short to mention how much the project coasted.

“Of the things I don’t like talking about is figures. I will be sincere I cannot disclose how much I have spent on this house. This is my dream house and even if someone shows up with Tsh3 billion (Ksh175 million), I will not barge to sell.”

Msechu said he started saving for his dream house in 2009 after winning the Bongo Star Search competition.

The exquisite house features four bedrooms all en-suite, an office, a patio, an outdoor lounge among other state of art features.

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