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Travellers stranded as rains disrupt traffic on Mombasa road

Motorist and travellers were left stranded on the Kyumbi junction, Mombasa road following a series of accidents on the road following heavy rains that pounded the area on Saturday night.

Three accidents occurred on the road, one near Simba Cement, another at the Kyumbi junction and the other at Malili, according to Machakos OCPD Adiel Nyange.

The three accidents were however not fatal but a crane had to be brought to tow away the trucks thus causing the traffic jam which lasted for hours.

“When it rains there are indisciplined drivers who veer off their lanes and and end up causing traffic jam. There was a traffic jam but it was not static. We kept on clearing as it built up,” said Mr Nyange.

Some motorists complained of being stranded on the road upto 2am in the morning.