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3rd wife speaks: Ugandan Speaker Anita Among questions why men should only have one wife

By Winnie Mabel November 17th, 2023 2 min read

Uganda’s National Assembly Speaker, Mrs Anita Among, demanded to know why a man should have only one wife.

She is the third wife to her husband and blasted polygamy detractors during a recent session in Parliament.

“You find there are some social media people who know it all. We all need people to settle. Why don’t we wish other people well? People want to poke their noses into people’s personal lives. They should leave them alone. If they are saying he has many wives, who tell you a man should have one wife?” asked Among as men attending the conference erupted in jubilation.

She had been speaking about the royal wedding of Busoga King (Kyabazinga) Gabula Nadiope IV who is set to wed Jovia Mutesi on November 18, 2023, at Christ’s Church Cathedral, Bugembe in Jinja City.

An injunction had been filed by Ms Alison Anna Nadipoe in a United Kingdom court to stop the wedding, claiming she was legally married to the Busoga King via civil marriage and shared two children. She accused him of intentions of committing bigamy because he had not divorced her. She also sought to have the marriage held in a church ceremony contrary to church canons.

However, the church cleared the wedding to take place, saying they had not received any court injunction, but a petition. They said they must do what the Busoga King asked of them by allowing him to wed in the Anglican Church.

Speaker Among’s support for this second marriage by the Busoga King is because she too is the party to a polygamous marriage and could be because her marriage was invalidated.

24 hours after she got married to politician and football boss Moses Magogo, the Town Clerk of Makingye Division Urban Council is reported to have cancelled their registration of marriage after discovering “glaring omissions and errors” in the couple’s application, therefore invalidating the legality of their marriage. The anomaly was rectified.

The duo had a traditional wedding. Mr Magogo, a Muslim faithful, already has two younger wives.

He married his first wife, Dora Ssali, and followed it up with his second and third weddings to a Rwandese national and Speaker Anita Among. Mr Magogo and Speaker Among were recently blessed with twins.

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