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Police probe death threats on politician

Police have launched investigations into the alleged death threats made to a Kirinyaga politician on Tuesday night.

Unknown people dropped four copies of the death threats, written in Kikuyu, informing him to “psychologically prepare his wife and children to receive parcels containing his body parts.

Mr Eric Karani Giture, a resident of Membley estate in Ruiru town, was also asked to choose whether he wanted to die in Ruiru or Kerugoya and also advised to tell his family members where he would want to be buried.

Mr Giture on Thursday told the Nation that he believed the death threats were made to him due to his interest contest for a Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat in Mutira ward, Kirinyaga County.

“My political interest is in Kirinyaga but the person who delivered the letter traced my residence in Ruiru and managed to drop the letter in my compound at night. I fear they may be tracking my movements,” he said.


“I declared my interest in the seat just two weeks ago at a church in Gathuthuma.”

The matter was reported at Ruiru and Kerugoya police stations on Wednesday, OB25/17/2/2016 and OB23/17/2/2016 respectively.

Some of the issues raised in the letter were that Mr Giture was using everything within his powers “to deny the poor and the youth employment.”

Wagiriirwo ni gumbana na governor na senator akprwo wi mundu murume kuna.” (You should be fighting the governor and the senator if you are a man).

In the last general election, Mr Giture vied for the Kirinyaga Central MP but lost.