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Stray lions sighted in Kitengela under control, say KWS

The Kenya Wildlife Service has confirmed that the two lions sighted in Oleshie centre are being driven back to the park.

In an update on the stray lions from the Nairobi National Park, the service has added that a helicopter has been deployed to monitor the movement of lions.

This comes a day after game rangers shot dead a male lion named Mohawk that strayed out of the park and attacked a motorcycle rider in Isinya area.

KWS has since justified its action amid major public outcry that the lion should not have been killed.


“The helicopter team is also supporting a ground surveillance team that had been deployed following a report of sighting of two lions in Oleshie centre of old Kitengela and efforts are being made to drive them back to the park,” read a statement from the service in part.

In the recent past, cases of lions straying out of the park have become rampant with some being sighted in areas near the CBD.

Kenyans have called upon KWS to monitor movement and respond promptly when the lions are sighted out of the park to prevent human-animal conflict.

Through a hashtag on Twitter #JusticeforMohawk, users have urged KWS to upgrade surveillance and have ways of quickly demobilising the lions as opposed to killing them.