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Eight peculiar things that Nairobi women first notice in a man

December 20th, 2015 2 min read


Within the first three minutes of meeting her, the Nairobi woman will already have formed a solid opinion of a man. She will know the things she can or can’t do with him and even whether or not she can dare discuss marriage with him. Here are the things she notices first in a man;

1. Can he look her in the eye? – If a man meets a woman in Nairobi and because of shyness or whatever other reason can’t look her in the eye, she notices. And the bad news is that it is a turn off for the average woman in the Nairobi. It makes her doubt his intentions. She also wonders about whether he can handle her.

2. His wandering eye – Nairobi is a city full of beautiful women. When a woman first meets a man here, she watches to see whether his eyes wander to the next beautiful woman passing by. If they do, she loses romantic interest in him.

3. Scent – A woman will notice a man’s scent as soon as she shakes his hand. For the average woman, a manly smelling man is a big turn on. A man who has doused himself in a fragrance on the other hand is a big turn off. It is a delicate balance to achieve that testosterone filled scent that isn’t sweaty.

4. The handshake – Yes, gentlemen. It isn’t only when going for an interview that you are required to have a firm, confident handshake. If you meet a woman in Nairobi and you offer her a limp handshake, she will make very unpleasant conclusions about your sexual abilities. You need to pay attention.

5. His sexual orientation – In a large cosmopolitan city like Nairobi, there is a high possibility of the man a woman chooses to flirt with being uninterested in women. Because flirting with such a man can turn out to be an embarrassing situation, a woman will thus be watching for little signs that a man she just met plays for the opposite team.

6. Foot wear – The choice of a man’s foot wear communicates tons about him. A glance at man’s shoe will tell a woman his socio-economic status, whether or not he a conformist and whether or not takes good personal care of himself.

7. Physical stature – On the first glance, a woman will give a man’s physical stature a once over. This is an enough deal breaker for some women. Also, it tells a lot about a man. Like his confidence levels and whether or not he will make her feel physically secure.

8. His company – It doesn’t matter whether you are hanging out with yours sister or auntie. If you are in the company of another woman when she first sees you, her romantic interest naturally wanes. A man who is in the company of other men on the other hand rouses interest. His company communicates that he is sociable a trait that is attractive to women