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8 Red flags that you are the side chick

There are many women in this town who knowingly choose to be the other woman. Then there are the other women who find out too late that the man they have allowed into their hearts is taken. The good news is that there are always signs that a man is unavailable. Here are red flags that might just spare you that heart ache;

1. All your dates are indoors – Some women may think that this is a good sign because the man has welcomed you into his space and seems to enjoy spending time with you here. The ugly truth is that he may be taken and his keeping you indoors is his way of hiding so that his misdeeds stay hidden.

2. You have never been invited to his house – On the flip side, if you have never set foot in your man’s house and yet you have been dating him for a couple of months, you may be the side chick. No, he isn’t living with his sister or his cousin, he is probably taken and it will take too much time to hide the evidence.

3. His Facebook status – Facebook statuses aren’t just things people write. If your man’s profile says that things are complicated, they are. And unless you are married to him, you maybe the other woman. A man needn’t declare his love on Facebook but don’t ignore what he declares either.

4. His family – Some men are easy about introducing different women to their friends. When it comes to family however, these visits are spared only for the special women. If you have been with him six months and you haven’t met any member of his family, pay attention.

5. Last minute plans – Is your love interest the kind that will always call you last minute with plans to go to Mombasa or Naivasha? He may be taken. Always making last minute plans with you means that you are there for his convenience. He probably just got a few hours from his main woman and thought of calling you to pass them with.

6. He never spends the night – Do not listen to any excuses that this man gives you. He may tell you that he can only fall asleep in his own bed or that he can’t really fall asleep with another person but the unsettling truth is that he is taken.

7. A weirdly busy schedule – It doesn’t matter how high profile he is, if a man values you as his woman, he will make time for you. The man who only gets an hour every week out of his extremely busy schedule might be unavailable. Such a man is also likely to be vague about where he works.

8. He has two cell phones – If the man you are planning a future with has two cell phones, it could be a bad sign. Which number did he give you? If it is the cheaper phone with a new number, you could be the side chick.