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Eight things that Nairobi men first notice in a woman

They say that the first impression is a lasting one. Often it becomes impossible to undo the impression you first make within 10 seconds of your meeting someone for the very first time.

It is thus in your best interest to know what the other person is looking out for. Here are the odd things that the Nairobi man first notices in a woman:

1. Her smile – A lot of women will go out of their way to wear expensive clothes and facial products when the thing that a Nairobi man first notices about a woman is the simplest thing about her. He will first notice her smile. Nairobi is a very competitive city where most people are trying to pull a fast one on the next person. A smiling woman is thus seen as a genuine, approachable person. A fake smile also shows and it speaks negatively for the wearer.

2. How fake she is – You will meet a lot of people in this town who are not who they say they are. Naturally, a Nairobi man on the prowl will instantly notice all the fake things on a woman when he first meets her. The fake weave, fake nails, fake eyelashes and even fake bums, he sees it all.

3. Toes – Believe it or not, the Nairobi man does notice a woman’s toes. Not all toes. Clean, well painted toes will leave him with a great impression of a woman that is likely to linger.

4. Eye contact – True, any man will notice a woman’s bum and breasts. But before this, he will weigh in on her ability to hold and maintain eye contact. It says a lot about a woman’s personality and intentions.

5. Her skin – No, the Nairobi man has no clue about all those facial products or routines but he will notice a woman’s healthy skin at a glance. This is ingrained into his biology. Good skin suggests good health so a man subconsciously watches out for it.

6. Her friends – A man can know all he wants to know about a woman from the types of friends that she keeps company. If you are one of those city women who are always hanging around other women, it is a good idea to make sure that the people you spend time with actually represent who you are or how you want to be seen.

7. Her scent – A woman’s smell is among the first things that a man in the streets of Nairobi will notice about a woman. It is also the one thing about her that lingers on his mind long after she is gone. She thus ought to make sure that this smell is memorable, not the same as every woman he interacts with.

8. Her hair – On the first meeting with a woman, the Nairobi man’s eyes will wander to her hair. He may not know much about the trending hair do’s but he knows that a woman’s hair speaks volumes about how she takes care of herself. Her hair is a dead giveaway of her grooming habits.