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Akothee finally responds to Omosh’s ‘absence’

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 27th, 2023 2 min read

Musician and entrepreneur, Akothee, has sparked concern among her fans as her husband, Dennis Schweizer, remains conspicuously absent from her social media timeline.

Akothee’s avid followers have noticed Schweizer’s prolonged absence from her posts, and the curiosity surrounding his whereabouts has been growing with each passing day.

The couple made headlines with their lavish wedding in April 2023 which was attended by the who is who in the political and entertainment industry, in an event that drew attention and speculation.

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However, several months after the extravagant celebration, Dennis Schweizer seems to have vanished from the public eye, leaving fans puzzled about his current location and activities.

In her most recent social media update, as Akothee celebrated a new business deal, one of her followers, identified as Daktari Dalton Milalu, couldn’t resist the urge to inquire about her husband’s well-being.

He wrote, “Can you tell us something about Omosh….you mean Omosh is fading away from our faces….please don’t be.”

Akothee swiftly responded to the comment, expressing her frustration with the constant scrutiny of her personal life.

She even issued a warning to the curious fan.

Her reply read:

“Business is more important to you than my relationship; learn from me and focus on your business, please, before I block you. That’s private.”

Akothee first publicized her husband in 2022 after spending weeks in France.

She went ahead to nickname him Mister Omosh and opened a social media account for him.

Very little is known of him and Akothee has maintained that her man and his family are private people.

According to Akothee, when she introduced him to Ida Odinga, the former prime Minister’s wife asked a lot about @misteromosh, including his background and family.

Akothee said she assured her that she had met his family however the family are not social media people.

Akothee said her husband’s family lives a very private quiet life.

She said that Denis’s mother was scared when she was introducing him to her fans.