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Akothee gets daughter drunk, tells off critics – VIDEO

Singer Akothee on Sunday intoxicated her first born daughter Vesha while in a jacuzzi.

Vesha was filmed in a jacuzzi with her mother and a friend enjoying wine.

The singer then asked Vesha if she loved the wine to which she responded to the affirmative.

Akothee then told off critics saying; “I just gave my own daughter who is 21 alcohol call polis I am not your role model go look for your mama.”

Vesha is Akothee’s first child. She was born prematurely weighing just one kilogramme.

Akothee delivered her in a hospital toilet out of fear. When the baby arrived, the musician was assisted by a cleaner and the baby was put in an incubator.

Mother and child stayed in hospital for four months during which Vesha only added half a kilogramme.

Akothee has been mentoring Vesha to take over her travel agency as a director. She gifted her with a car on her 19th birthday.

Here is the video of the mother and child enjoying wine.