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Akothee: My son would have survived if I had money

Singer Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, has shared heart-wrenching details regarding the loss of her second child, a son, many years ago.

In a statement on her social media, the 43-year-old mother of five revealed that her son, Retreat Roberts Woody Otieno, tragically passed away at the tender age of eight months.

Akothee expressed remorse, admitting that her youth and financial constraints prevented her from providing the necessary medical care for her son.

“Oh, sometimes I feel like my child would have survived if I had the money to take him to the hospital. As a young mother, I lost my handsome son at the age of eight months. I am still sure that Retreat Roberts would be alive if I were mature, revealed more, and had money for medical treatment,” Akothee disclosed in her heartbreaking statement.

While mourning her late son, Akothee did not delve into specific details surrounding the cause of his untimely demise.

However, she used her platform to shed light on a recent medical triumph involving another child.

Three-year-old who had never walked since birth has now achieved a significant milestone.

Akothee had previously disclosed that her son was laid to rest behind the family farm where she lived with her daughters and her ex-husband Jared Okello.

Another tragic event in Akothee’s life was at the end of 2022, when she experienced a miscarriage, losing what would have been her sixth child.

The child was fathered by her recent husband, Denis Schweizer alias Omosh.

Akothee expressed relief the pregnancy did not come to term, given the circumstances of their subsequent breakup just two months after their wedding.

During one of her live sessions, she disclosed:

“I am now happy that I miscarried. Who would I be right now if I got that baby? At 40 chasing men everywhere. But God has reasons and decided I miscarry. It would be another case, how would I have erased that man from my skin? Sometimes women are not real to ourselves; how do we just get pregnant for me in a short while?” she said.

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